Rental Overview


The Veterans Memorial Building in Lafayette (VMBL) is owned by Contra Costa County and, under California Military and Veterans Code 1260 – 1266, is leased to the non-profit Lafayette War Veterans, Inc. (LWV) for a nominal annual lease payment.

Under the terms of the lease the LWV, comprised of representatives of the Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) currently headquartered at VMBL, is responsible for the operation, administration, and maintenance of the VMBL. These obligations require funding and the LWV  rents the building to the public, when not in use by member VSOs, for non-VSO events in order to generate the funds necessary to keep the doors open and to meet its lease obligations.

Among the expenses incurred in the management of VMBL are: A full-time Building Director, a part-time set-up/clean-up crew, utilities, taxes, insurance, supplies, maintenance and repairs. Monies in excess of normal operating expenses are invested in a Capital Improvements fund for future equipment and building component replacement. Occasionally, as funding allows, a charitable donation is made to a veterans charity with County approval. Additionally, the veterans themselves contribute considerable unpaid volunteer hours toward the operation of VMBL.

The governing body of the Veterans Memorial Building in Lafayette is the Lafayette War Veterans, Inc., a non-profit veterans organization incorporated in 1958. It exists to operate and maintain a living memorial to all those veterans who served, and are serving, honorably, and to remember the valor and sacrifice of those that gave us all of their tomorrows.