1. Is the building available for all event types/rentals?
A. Yes – business meetings, parties, weddings & receptions, memorial services & celebrations, reunions, religious meetings, and fundraisers are common events held here.

2. What are the rates?
A. Our rates vary depending on the size of the room used, the day of the week and the time of the day. Contact the Building Director at (925) 283-1153, or email info@lafayetteveterans.org to discuss your event size, day and date, to obtain a rate quote. There are weekday and weekend rates – the rooms are rented by the hour. The Building Director can email, mail or fax the rates to you, along with a copy of the Rental Agreement.

3. Is there a minimum rental?
A. Yes – 4 hours.

4. How many people can the building hold?
A. The maximum seating with chairs-only is approximately 350 in the combined Hall. With round tables, approximately 256. Adding space for dancing reduces the available seating.

5. Is there more than one room?
A. Yes. When the sound-reducing room divider is in place, the Freedom Hall (West Room) seats 128 people with round tables; the Independence Hall (East Room) seats 112 with round tables.  The separate Liberty Room (Lounge) seats approximately 30.  More seating is available in any room when the number of tables are reduced.

6. Do you provide the tables and chairs?
A. Yes. We have 32 five-foot diameter round tables that normally seat 8 people. Some renters have placed 9 at a table, particularly for receptions. We also have 36 six-foot rectangular. All rectangular tables are 30 inches wide and 29 inches from top to the floor. Tabletop thickness varies from 1.72 inches to 2 inches. We have 350 chairs.

7. Do you have a Kitchen?
A. Yes – a full professional kitchen with 3 regular ovens, a grill top, two convection ovens, several sinks and counter tops, dish washer sanitizer, double refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, a 400-pound capacity ice machine and two coffee makers. (Note that the Freedom Hall must be rented if the customer or caterer is using the Kitchen, since they are connected.)

8. Do you provide a list of approved caterers?
A. Yes we do provide a list of caterers that we have their Health and Safety Certificates on file. Should you desire to us a caterer that is not on that list, then that catering service must provide the following: Caterer must have a current County Health & Safety Certificate, proof of Workers’ Comp Insurance and a Business License and a General Liability Insurance Policy. A copy of each must be provided to the Building Director before the event, either directly or through the Renter or the Caterer.

9. Do you provide plates, silverware, stemware, linens, condiment containers, pitchers, carafes, etc.?
A. No – that is the responsibility of the renter. Note that we do not allow overnight storage of anything on our premises.

10. Do we have to set up the tables and chairs?
A. No, our staff sets up, takes down tables/chairs and cleans the building after each event. The renter or their caterer must clean the Kitchen and leave it the way they found it. A kitchen checklist of “do’s and don’ts” is provided to the renter and the caterer.

Renter/caterer must bus the tables and clear ail horizontal surfaces at the end of the event. The renter/caterer must also break down cardboard boxes and place them in the green recycle bin. During events, renter/caterer are strongly encouraged to use the Recycle wastebaskets for disposing bottles and cans.

11. Do you have a sound system?
A. Yes, with a total of 8 overhead speakers, 8 wall jacks and 2 floor jacks. An iPod® can be plugged into the sound jacks – an adapter cable is normally available for the wall jack. The sound system itself is in the office and volume is controlled from there. One (1) Wireless & Four (4) Corded microphones are available. Many renters bring in their own sound systems, particularly when they have a DJ providing music. There are plenty of power outlets as well.

12. Do you have a screen?
A. Yes – there are screens in both the East and West main rooms, 10 feet wide by 7 feet, 8 inches long. They raise and lower electronically.   The building staff will raise and lower the screen with a key. There is a portable screen available if one is needed in the Lounge.

13. Do you have projectors?
A. Yes, we can provide a projector upon request for an additional fee. We also provide an A/V cart with a power strip and extension cords. Many of our customers bring a laptop computer and DVD or slide projectors for various presentations.

14. Do you have easels?
A. Yes – two at present.

15. Is there Internet access, phone lines for Credit Card Machine Hookups?
A. Yes, there is internet access (both plug-in and wireless). And, Yes a phone line is available.

16. Can we bring in our own beverages?
A. Yes. See Building Director for details.  (For your convenience the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control permit forms are at the Center.)

17. What about smoking?
A. Smoking is permitted in the front plaza area of the building only. A receptacle for cigarette butt disposal is located in the plaza area. There is no smoking at either of the patio areas, or within 20 feet of any doorway, per California State Law.

18. Do we need insurance coverage?
A. Yes. Liability Insurance is required.  See the Rental Agreement. Both the Lafayette War Veterans, Inc. and the County of Contra Costa need to be named as “Additional Insured”. This is a County-owned Building.

19. Is there a curfew?
A. Yes. Sunday to Thursday the curfew is 10:00 pm.  Friday and Saturday the curfew is midnight.